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  • Katie Felton

‘Are business cards USELESS?’

In this week’s video, Maximise Success’ CEO Russell Leeds discusses the use of business cards and why he believes they are important to have as part of your business. Russell discusses whether companies need business cards, what information should be put on them if they are used and how they can be used effectively to achieve potential business leads.

Part of the video sees the CEO explain how important the quality and aesthetic of the business card has to be, and why it needs a clear message of what problem you as a business are solving for the customer.

“Your business cards are an extension of your brand, and they need to represent what your customers expect from you” says Russell, whilst highlighting the important factors which contribute to presenting a professional business card. Factors to be considered are clear contact details, social proof like awards and a strong business description.

You can learn how to make the most out of networking events with OR without business cards and why taking customer’s contact details as opposed to giving yours out can actually put you, as a business, in more control of communication and achieve a relationship with the customer which long term will be more valuable.

Russell then explains how, (even though a high percentage of businesses don’t do it), having your PHOTO on your business card can REDUCE the chances of your business cards being discarded by people you have handed them too and why customers will be a lot more likely to engage with your brand and use your services!

To find out more about this strategy… watch the video below!

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