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  • Katie Felton

Do NOT do this in your business...

In this week’s video – Maximise Success’ CEO, Russell Leeds, discusses some frustrations he experienced just a week ago, when being delivered BAD customer service. It sees Russell expressing how he contacted 9 companies about a service he needed, which found him having NO RESPONSES from any of them. He goes into detail about the affects bad customer service can have on sales for a business and why it is so important to retain existing customers and acquire new customers.

The experience got Russell thinking about the customer service industry and how we deal with our customers in small businesses. Research had found that, “only 4% of dissatisfied customers actually bother to let the business know” and an astonishing “78% of customers who have gone to buy something and received bad customer service, won’t go back to the company”.

To summarise, the video hugely emphasises the importance of customer service, with advice on how to use systems to manage enquires so that NO CUSTOMERS will get ignored or forgotten about!

The CEO of multiple companies stated, “Without feedback there is no way you can improve, caring about the customer and asking for feedback is important… time is money”.

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