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  • Katie Felton

Does Practice Make Perfect?

In this week’s video, Entrepreneur and Maximise Success CEO, Russell Leeds, shares his experience and provides an honest review after reading the Matthew Syed book, ‘Bounce – The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice”.

Russell explained how Matthew Syed, author of the book and professional Table Tennis player, believes that his ability to play so well at table tennis WAS NOT down to natural ability or talent - in fact, he believes it was all learnt due to PRACTICE, which is a big topic in the book.

Something which Russell talked about was the 10,000th Hour of Practice Rule, where it doesn't matter whether you are talented or not, if you put endless hours of purposeful practice into ANYTHING, you will become great at it.

The eye-opening book argues that the ability of somebody to succeed in something immensely comes down to practice, and not all necessarily talent. You can be GREAT at what you do with practice and Russell learned that as a child, frequently saying ‘I don’t have the natural ability to do something’ is an excuse to not put the work in.

You have to be purposefully proactive. That’s it.

The truth is, by becoming a great, it puts YOU in control. You’re not relying on having the ‘talent’ or ‘natural ability’, you’re relying on the hours and practice you put in. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!

“So, it's bad news if you’re lazy!”, Russell jokes.

So, why not watch the full video review below and read the book...

What are your opinions?

Do you agree with Syed’s theory?

Does practice play a bigger part in your success than natural talent?

Leave your thoughts and comment on the video below!


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