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Expectations are EVERYTHING in business!

This week, we will be talking all things, EXPECTATIONS!

Your customer’s expectations are everything and in today’s video, Russell Leeds, CEO of Virtual Business Coach Maximise Success, explains how important it is to set your customers expectation to a level where you can deliver.

Firstly, Russell explains about his experience of expectations not being met following a flight in first class on the way back from Uganda. Expecting the general perks of being in first class, e.g. Chairs being put in lie-down mode, excellent service, good food and even champagne, his expectations were high! However, he found himself being unable to lie down (17-hour flight!), no TV’s working and only offered soft drinks.

“It is important to meet customer expectations; some sales people don’t worry about it once they’ve made the sale and they should”

– explained Russell.

So, what is the trick?

Read Russell’s TOP TIPS…

- Always tell the TRUTH about what product/service you are selling! - Under promise and OVER deliver (this way, you are a lot less likely to get any complaints!)

- Go ABOVE and BEYOND, similar to the above!

- Don’t set a customers expectation TOO high, you don’t want to disappoint!

YES, you want to make your product/service sound good… YES, you want to be able to sell it… YES, you want to tell them all the benefits…

But remember, don’t set peoples expectations up so high! Normally, when customers make a complaint about a service or product, it is normally because their expectations were raised too high to begin with, instead of it actually being because of the service or product itself!

Watch the FULL video below!

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