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Find out exactly WHO your customers are!

In this week’s video, Russell Leeds, CEO of Maximise Success ‘The Virtual Business Coach’, takes a look into finding out who your customers are and why it is so important to establish this in order to correctly, easily and successfully market to them effectively.

In the video, Russell reveals some of the BEST tips and tricks on how you can identify WHO they are. In continuation from last weeks video, ‘Where do YOU position your business?’, which focused on the 3 main customer types (Cheap skates, Value for Money & Premium), Russell Leeds takes a look into finding out WHO your customers are once you have distinguished the correct market.

The 3 MAIN questions, as a business, you NEED to ask yourself:

1. Who are these customers & where do they usually shop? 2. Who are we competing with?

3. Where do they live? 4. How old is your customer?

It is important to think carefully about who you are targeting. Its crucial. Many people tend to fall into a habit of guessing who their customer is or try and market to themselves (which would be biased!). You want to carry out primary research to establish who your customer is and what type of customer resonates the most with the product/service you are selling and providing.


Send out an email to EVERYONE you have on your email database with a survey asking the questions YOU think will be the most beneficial and relevant to finding out who your target audience is!


Where do they live? How old are they? What is their salary bracket? What do they enjoy doing? Where do they shop?

Not only this, you could add an incentive into the email whereby your candidate could be entered into a prize draw to win a prize/gift/discount/voucher (offer something which is related to your business!). If you have many current customers fill out the survey, you could offer a small incentive to them all, a small investment like this will hugely increase the response from your market research.

Once the email has been sent out, you should gather the data and see what the results reveal based on the percentages and answers you provided for them to choose from.

Once this information is collated, create a CUSTOMER PROFILE to put a picture in place of your average customer target. As a business owner, you are then able to identify who fits that profile based on the data and research you have conducted.

Sound good? Found this helpful?

Watch the FULL video below!

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