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  • Katie Felton

How to build your business with social proof!

In this week’s video, Russell Leeds, CEO of Virtual Business Coach Maximise Success, explains what social proof is and why it is SO important to have in your business! Social proof is anything that can be used to promote and show how good your business is such as advertising, publicity, social media and more.

Sound good?

Social proof is great when placed across promotional material! This could be your website, company banners, business cards, social media pages, ANYTHING. If you place your social proof across these platforms, it will instantly make your business look professional, successful and most importantly, a company that can be TRUSTED!

Not only this, social proof can be utilised and relayed to your target audience to grab their attention effectively and resonate with them the highest. Examples of different formats and styles of social proof can include:

- Awards & Achievements

- ‘Best-Seller’

- Any testimonials (high profile/celebrity ones are always a hit!)

- ‘As Seen on TV’

Russell Leeds gave an example of a time where his Magician business utilised social proof to its highest advantage. His business worked extremely hard to get honest, social proof for their client base and audience – even if this meant taking part in public appearances FREE OF CHARGE! The business got featured on a programme on ITV and ultimately helped them increase their brand awareness, social presence and all in all, get their name out there!

‘Social proof is great for allowing your target audience to instantly think “Wow, they must be good!”’,

Russell explained.

“Be outrageous, join an organisation, get credibility & leverage their brand!”

Finally, use the knowledge you have taken from one of our most recent blogs Find out EXACTLY who your customers are!’ and take into consideration your target market sectors when choosing the style of social proof, you want to show when attracting new customers.

Social proof and distinguishing target markets allows you to reach more people, and (even better!) charge more!

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