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  • Katie Felton

How to make money without doing any WORK!

In this week’s video, Maximise Success’ CEO Russell Leeds shares his thought of the day and explains how you can make MORE money from your business without doing any EXTRA work through the power of COLLABORATION.

After reading a recent article in the news about both transport companies Virgin and Uber working together, it got Russell thinking – how are both businesses benefitting from this? The businesses decided to link up to create ‘door-to-door’ tickets, with the sole purpose of making the customer journey EASIER by simplifying their transportation through collaboration.

The video later illustrates how collaborating with COMPETITORS can be profitable for BOTH businesses, as you are both targeting the same audience. Using an example from previous experience, Russell discusses how he teamed up with a company while he ran a Kids Entertainment Business. He described how he promoted the other company on their website and when a customer wanted to order a product, they would get taken through the other company website and Russell’s company would get a cut of the sale!

Does this sound good to you?

Well Russell explains how this style of promotion can be successful for any two businesses to make steady, extra profit every month WITHOUT having to work for it! If YOU have the opportunity to team up with a competitor and supply a service for your customers or vice versa, it is definitely worth considering!

To see the full clip, watch the video below!

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