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One SIMPLE change to boost profitability!

This week, CEO Russell Leeds shares with YOU the one, simple change you can make in your business to BOOST profitability. And (even better!), this one change DOES NOT require any additional work, any extra staff and only entails minimal effort!

So, keep reading to find out more…

In 2011, Russell Leeds admits his business wasn’t doing too great, but as soon as he implemented this small change, his profits started to rise.

After reading an article, this is what Russell found…

“New research shows that the more SME’s give to charity, the better their business performs. On average, SME’s give 1.8% of their turnover, equivalent to £32,000 a year. SME’s that give more than 0.5% turnover are 20% more likely to see an increase in profits, twice as likely to report benefits to company reputation and almost 50% more likely to improve recruitment and staff retention. Overall, 67% of businesses who give to charity reported a positive impact on profitability." -

Russell explains how if money flows through you, as opposed to holding it tight to your chest, good karma will come your way and have a positive impact to your business. Small sums of just 1-2% of your turnover can really help a charity, and as experienced during his Uganda mission trip, you can see how much it makes the charity/workers/children happy!

So, just see it as a marketing expense!

One that is not only helping other people, but also helping YOU!

To watch the FULL video - click on the link below!

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