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Running a business V Running a job

We're gonna be looking at the difference between running your own business and running

your own job. Let me explain what I mean about the difference between those two:-

First of all let's look at running your own job and running your own job is what I see a lot of people do at networking events and things and they say “I run my own business” but the truth is they don't! They think they run their own business but what they really do is they just work and they do everything so in essence it's not a business in essence it's just a job!

So let's say for example they are a plumber and they go and do the plumbing and they answer the phone and they do absolutely everything there is to do with the plumbing.

So it's not really a business because it's all them, they're doing a job of being a plumber and it just happens to be that they're their own boss. A problem of this is you'll probably find if you are your own boss and if you're in this situation you're normally you are the worst boss ever because you push yourself harder and make yourself work more hours and harder than you would make a normal person work because it's you and it's your business!

Now in my mind that's really a job so how do you go from running your own job to running your own business?

What you need to do is you need to systemize everything that you do in your job now. This can take a little bit of work and it does mean relying on other people but this is the massive difference and it will it will take you from from job to business owner if you learn how to do it. So what you need to do is you need to look at all the jobs that you do every day so well we'll go back to our plumbing analogy so he might say well what admin roles do I do and he will write down all the different admin roles he does and he answers the phone and he deals with emails and he does the bookkeeping then you make a list of all the admin jobs- what sales job does he do? Then you make a list of all the sales job such as answering the phone etc. Then he looks at all the marketing he does.

He then will have his list of every single job he does and then you write down how you do it and how you want that job to be done and then what you start doing is you start replacing yourself from those roles so rather than you doing absolutely everything you start saying okay well I'm gonna hire a virtual assistant who's gonna do my admin from now on and then I'm gonna hire a sales person to deal with all the phone calls and go and do the quotes but I also do the work! Then he might think I'm gonna hire a plumber (an apprentice ) that’s going to work alongside me.

Basically all you do is you systemize it, use your system (you’ve probably already got a system but don't know what it is) so you systemize it, you write down what those jobs are and then you start replacing yourself and you get other people to do the jobs that what that then allows you to do is it allows you to be earning money from your business when you're not going to work. It creates you a passive income and it allows you to grow your company. When there's only one of you you've only got 24 hours in a day but when you've got lots of you ie. lots of plumbers that are going out then you can turn it into a plumbing business and that is the major difference between running your own job and running your own business!

I'm really really passionate about this as a subject as I see a lot of people struggling and I think that in order to be successful this is really important and you need to know exactly how to do it. If you want more advice covering stuff like this you can sign up to our maximize success website completely free of charge for the first month so you can watch lots of videos on there talking about this sort of thing.

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