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  • Katie Felton

The #1 Rule When Selling A Product/Service

In this week’s video, Maximise Success’ CEO Russell Leeds explains what the #1 rule is when selling a product or service. As a business owner and entrepreneur himself; Russell reveals the number one reason why small businesses STRUGGLE to sell their product and services – because they don’t BELIEVE, aren’t CONVINCED and are not FULLY SOLD on their product/service themselves.

Now, although there are many training tips, techniques and strategies, such as Sales Spreadsheets which have been discussed in previous Maximise Success videos, Russell emphasises how IMPORTANT it is to be sold on your own product. Before selling your product to anybody else, you HAVE to sell it to yourself!

It is essential that you believe in your product or service and there should be NO reason why a customer would go to somebody else. Believing in your product will really shine through your sales strategy, if a customer believes YOU, then they will believe in the product, but the only way they will believe you, is if YOU believe too!

Russell quoted,

“If you wouldn’t be prepared to sell your product to a family member, then you’re going to find it a hard job selling it at all”

He later states that it’ll highly resonate with people if they see how strongly you support and are passionate about the product or service, as they will see that you are genuinely trying to do them a favour and provide them with something that they will benefit from.

Sell YOURSELF, then sell your product.

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