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  • Katie Felton


In this week’s video Russell Leeds, CEO of Maximise Success ‘The Virtual Business Coach’, talks about the upcoming, (& nerve-wracking!) England game against Croatia in the semi-final of the World Cup 2018 and their performance throughout tournament so far!

Russell emphasises how the players’ driven performance, motivation and determination so far can be a business lesson in itself.

"You really don’t necessarily have to be the best, but if you work well together as a team and share the same, passionate vision, it shows what you can achieve.”

As a business who is striving to do well and succeed, it is important that you capitalise on opportunities during world events such as the World Cup. Whether there are events going on throughout the news, media, sport, or anything and YOU as a business are getting involved – you need to…

Tell people!

Talk about it! Publicise it!

The current 2018 World Cup and the England team's performance has seen as huge boost to our economy, with businesses such as pubs & bars, capitalising on the extra business they can achieve with the general public spending more money.

But, how can YOUR business take advantage of it?

BLOG ABOUT IT! Write blogs, appear under relatable Google searches, post on social media, do anything you can to relate your business, portray and offer interest in the current world events and attract customers! Do regular news research and see what is going on around you as a business and look at what opportunities your business is missing out on!

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